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Chef Mike Orozco

Sr. Catering Chef/Culinary Instructor

Born and raised in and around Hartford. Graduated culinary school in 2009, but I had been cooking at home with family for years. Spent many years honing my skills. Worked in a fishouse for many years where learned my love for fish. I’ve had plenty of experience professionally and at home cooking American-Italian cuisine. I have a great love for wood-fire cooking that came from my time at a Neapolitan/artisanal pizza restaurant.

Throughout a decade and a half of cooking in the industry I’ve been a sous chef for five years and executive chef for two. I found that teaching was something that I’ve always been passionate about. I believe knowledge is power and that it should be shared with anyone willing to learn. I’ve seen the hardships of our industry, the revolving door of employees and the adversity we faced during the pandemic. My goal is to inspire people with my passion for food and cooking while also giving back to a community and industry that I love and care about.

I believe food is the greatest common denominator. It brings people together, you don’t have to have the same beliefs, traditions or culture to enjoy good food. I think what brings us together makes us stronger as a community. I am happy and proud to be a part of this team, to work hard to achieve the goal of our mission.