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To promote fair compensation, we apply an 18% "Benefits & Compensation Service Charge" to every guest check. This charge is divided into a 5% direct revenue share with our staff, and a 13% contribution to boost base wages and provide benefits. The charge is entirely dedicated to employee compensation and benefits, allowing us to maintain a sustainable business model while providing above-standard compensation. This system also helps balance wages between customer-facing and kitchen staff.

We call this charge "Benefits and Equity" as it directly supports our employees. The charge contributes to a base hourly wage that exceeds minimum wage, a 5% daily revenue share among hourly team members, paid time off, medical benefits, a retirement plan, life insurance, short-term disability insurance, financial management tools, and access to an employee assistance program. Additionally, 1% of the charge is set aside for an "Employee Assistance Fund" to help employees facing unexpected financial emergencies.

Traditionally, restaurants in the United States have relied on customer tipping to supplement the wages of customer-facing service staff. However, this system can perpetuate gender and racial bias. The revenue from our "B&E" charge allows us to maintain market prices while creating a more equitable compensation model.

While we believe tipping is not the best model for our business, we recognize that many in the industry consider it important. We have retained the tip line for customers who wish to voluntarily add a gratuity to recognize exceptional service.

If you are unhappy with your dining experience, please speak to a manager on duty. Your feedback is important in teaching and training our staff, and we want to make your experience right.