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Justin Morales wearing a blue shirt

Justin Morales

General Manager/Hospitality Instructor

Meet Justin Morales, the General Manager of Fire by Forge and a seasoned hospitality professional with over 30 years of experience. He has been a part of the opening teams of four restaurants in Hartford alone and has worked and lived in the city for a significant part of his career. In 2017, Justin won the Connecticut mixologist of the year award and has earned several other accolades for his bartendering skills and cocktail menus.

Justin is excited to return to Hartford and hopes to contribute towards a positive change in the industry while fostering a healthy and happy environment for his team. When he's not managing the restaurant, Justin loves experimenting with different ingredients. His top five ingredients that he couldn't live without are salt, lemon, garlic, orange peels, and nutmeg.

While Justin admires everyone who has put their heart and soul into the hospitality industry, he particularly cherishes the memories of working with great mentors and chefs. When asked about the upcoming cocktail menu, Justin revealed that he is most excited about "Up n Smoke," a fig and birch smoked old-fashioned.

If you ever meet Justin, don't forget to ask him about the time he managed an entire 12-hour shift before realizing he had two different shoes on. He has a great sense of humor and loves to share funny stories with his team and guests alike.