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a person holding a bottle in front of a store

Suzie Johnson

Bar Lead / Mixologist

Introducing Suzie Johnson, the esteemed mixologist at Fire by Forge. Originating from the dynamic landscape of New Jersey, Suzie's professional trajectory in mixology has been notably diverse. Her fervor for crafting sophisticated cocktails was initially kindled during her tenure as a stewardess on a compact cruise ship, where she discovered the nuanced art and finesse inherent in mixology.

Boasting nearly two decades within the service industry, Suzie has meticulously cultivated her expertise, ultimately finding her niche in the realm of craft cocktails. Over the past five years, she has dedicated herself to the refinement of mixology, adopting a culinary-centric approach that emphasizes not only the palatability but also the visual allure of her creations.

Despite holding an Associates Degree in accounting, Suzie is an individual driven by artistic inclination, eschewing the confinements of a traditional desk or cubicle. Her artistic spirit found its expressive outlet in the realm of mixology, and she has earned commendations both locally and nationally for her innovative libations. Suzie's cocktails not only deliver an exceptional flavor profile but also exhibit a visual elegance that underscores her unwavering commitment to the craft.

Embark on a sensory journey with Suzie at Fire by Forge, where each of her meticulously crafted concoctions promises a refined and memorable experience. With every pour, she imparts a touch of artistry to the glass, elevating the traditional mixology experience to an unforgettable encounter for discerning patrons.